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Vodafone Backup+


Save the precious things on your mobile and bring them back when you need to!Vodafone Backup+ syncs your contacts and backs up your photos, videos and audio files to Dropbox so they are safe in case something happens to your mobile or tablet.You can choose to back up everything or just your favourites. What’s more, you can select to automatically back up future content so you can rest assured that any new photos or videos you take, or contacts you add, will be automatically saved.If you do get a new phone or tablet, you can easily restore your content through Backup+ in a few simple clicks. Your contacts will be synced to your new device and all your photos, video and audio files will be downloaded in one go and organised as before! And because we partnered with Dropbox to keep the precious things on your mobile and tablet safe; photos, videos and other content you store in your Dropbox are secure and easy to share with anyone! Click here to read the Backup+ terms and conditions:- Vodafone Ireland: Vodafone Iceland: Vodacom South Africa: